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Sunday 10 - 17 October

We have set aside the week of 10-17 October as a week of prayer at St Bs. The theme for the week is Help! Based on Psalm 124. David had experienced God’s help, he praised him for that and he knew to call on him when in need.

How does it work?

We are using 24/7 prayer's model for this week of prayer, there is an online schedule that you can log into and sign up for a slot of prayer. This can be on your own, or with a group such as your 2-4 group.


There will also be OPEN SESSIONS throughout the week led by members of our congregation where anyone can come along to pray - no booking required. Just join using the Zoom link in the e-Bulletin.
We would love as many people as possible to sign up for an hours slot during this week, and feel free to sign up for multiple slots over the week if you can.

Where will we be praying?

You can pray on your own, online on Zoom, or in our Prayer Room at St Bs church building!

Zoom Prayer Room: We have a zoom account dedicated to prayer throughout the week. Join us there for the times of led prayer, or book a slot and invite friends to join you in the Zoom prayer room at that time.

Pray where you are: Book a prayer slot and pray wherever you find yourself at that time - God isn't limited to location.

Prayer Room: We have a prayer room at St Bs on the 1st floor. A space set apart for prayer and intercession to God. This room is able to be accessed for the 24/7 prayer week. It's filled with prayer stations and resources to help you pray.
Please sanitise your hands when entering and wipe touch surfaces after use. Heating won't be operating overnight, so bring something warm if you're doing a late night/early morning slot! Toilets are available.
If a slot is booked as , please respect that and don't turn up to the St Bs prayer room during that slot - Thank you!

Once you have signed up you will receive an email 24 hours before your slot with detailed instructions on how to access the building/Zoom account. Please look out for this email as you will need it to get to the prayer room online or in the building!

What are we praying for?

Our theme for the week is Help! Based on Psalm 124. David had experienced God’s help, he praised him for that and he knew to call on him when in need.
You might like to consider in the prayer times some of these questions: Past > Present > Future
 ‘How much is God’s help your present reality?’
Past Where have you seen God’s help in your life? Where have you suffered and not experienced that help? Where was God?
Present Are there places in your life where you need God’s help? How are you currently experiencing God’s help? Are there things that you feel God can’t help you with?
Future Do you expect God’s help to ever run out? What does Jesus’ promise of eternal life mean to you?

Each and every one of us will have particular issues and dreams that we want to bring before God our heavenly father. So this week is an opportunity for us all to engage with God for our own personal lives.

Open Sessions

These are led prayer sessions which you are encourage to come along to where you can pray with others for specific themes and topics

Monday 11 October
1-1.30pm - Lunchtime prayer led by Viv Metliss
8-9pm - Prayer for Youth led by our Youth Pastor Elliot Taylor

Tuesday 12 October
7-7.30am - Men's Prayer (Zoom only) 
1-1.30pm - Lunchtime prayer led by Viv Metliss
6-8pm - WMS Prayer led by World Missions Pastor Claire Franks
8-9pm - Prayer against injustice

Wednesday 13 October
1-1.30pm - Lunchtime prayer led by Viv Metliss
7.45-9pm - Central Prayer Meeting

Thursday 14 October
1-1.30pm - Lunchtime prayer led by Viv Metliss
8-9pm - Prayer led by Keith Bootle our Social Outreach Pastor (Zoom only)
9-10pm - Men's Prayer (Zoom only)

Saturday 16 October
9-9.30am - Men's Prayer (Zoom only)

Other ways to join in

We encourage everyone to engage in and sign up to an hour or prayer, however there are other ways you can participate.
Daily prayer: Try to set aside a period of time each day to take yourself off to a quiet place and pray. This could be 10 minutes or an hour depending on what you are used  to. Pray for 5 people you know to come to know Jesus, for the church to be equipped by the Holy Spirit for greater works of evangelism, and pray the Lord's  prayer "Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done in earth as in heaven."
Try Fasting: The purpose of fasting is to deny ourselves something as a way of telling God that our desire for Him and for His purposes in our lives is greater than even our normal human appetites. This helps focus out attention and bring a greater weight of importance and urgency to our prayers.
Central Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 13 October 7.45pm on Zoom and in the church building
Come along to our termly prayer meeting where the whole church is encouraged to come and petition the Lord together as a community.

Keen to keep on praying?
As well as our Sunday prayer ministries, we have a number of prayer networks and small groups which regularly meet to pray.
Please contact to find out more.