At St Bs we welcome all who want to make the journey of discovering God in their lives. At St Bs we enjoy informal non-hierarchical structures that are inclusive and welcoming. As such we do not have a strict membership roll (we of course do have a formal electoral roll but this does not limit what anyone can partake of in the church). Instead we have articulated four marks of membership that describe what it means to be fully part of St Bs.

To join the Electoral Roll of St Barnabas, Woodside Park, please email

Markers of Membership

1. Worshipping

Our relationship with God is one of our highest values, but we pursue this not on our own but in community. At St Barnabas this means being committed to joining together in worship and study of the Word. So we ask all our members to commit to making Sunday worship at St Barnabas a priority in their lives.


2. Belonging

To grow in our faith we need to live in open and accountable relationships. This level of commitment to each other cannot practically be done in our corporate Sunday worship, but in a place where we can have close friendships. It is in this context that we learn to love each other, love God and grow in wholeness. So we ask all our members to commit to maintaining open and accountable relationships by joining a Hub Group, Life Group or other small group.


3. Serving

We believe in the church, not as an institution, but a community, a family, a body, where everyone has an essential part to play. God gives each of us gifts and talents to serve one another and our wider community. And it is through serving that we grow more like Jesus and share his love with others. So we ask all our members to commit to serving in a ministry of St Barnabas.


4. Giving

The giving of our money is the most tangible evidence of our commitment. If we think of ourselves as a member of St Barnabas we will consider it an obligation and a joy to contribute financially to our shared ministry and mission. So we ask all our members to commit to regular planned faithful and generous giving to St Barnabas.