Mission Partner/Assoiates Update 

Update from the Gray Family

the graysMalcolm, Kerstin and their daughter Amy Gray moved to the UK in April 2018, after having spent more than 15 years working with the mission organisation WEC International (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) in Thailand. They are now living in Coventry, close to the WEC UK headquarters and are Directors of WEC UK & Ireland.
2020 has been an eventful year for the Gray family with Covid-19 coinciding with Kerstin’s chemotherapy and Malcolm’s latest operation. At this point, Covid-19 lockdown is relaxing, Malcolm has recovered well, and Kerstin has completed chemo and is now in the middle of a course of radiotherapy. In the background, their mission organisation, WEC, has looked after them very well and have adapted to reaching out online. There have been plenty of enquirers wanting to find out more about mission. There have also been some exciting opportunities to minister online to the unreached people groups they engage with around the UK.
Give thanks:

  • That God is working in the midst of crisis
  • Despite major medical challenges in the family leading to strict shielding throughout lockdown, Amy has coped really well
  • For God helping them to hold on to hope and joy through the ordeal; Malcolm is getting stronger and Kerstin is nearly finished with her treatment 

Please pray:

  • For WEC’s online work, including two big events in August and September: the WEC Camp Everywhere (summer camp with a Bible and mission focus for kids and teens) and the WEC UK annual conference
  • For continued strength and stamina, and for clear heads to process all that the role requires

Support and/or pray for Malcolm and Kerstin: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters
Friday 7 August 2020

Update from our Short Termers

Bella BB

Bella has spent the last year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding California. It was a great chance for her to grow even more in her relationship with God and be activated as a leader to step out and share to advance the kingdom. She will be heading back for her third year soon, which is more like an internship where she will serve her pastor from last year. She will also have the opportunity to mentor a variety of students to grow in their relationship with God.
Give thanks:

  • For a year of life changing encounters with God 

Please pray:

  • For finances for her tuition and living
  • For the borders to open so that she can head back with no complications

S&TSamuel and Tyler
Samuel and Tyler have spent the last year at BSSM too. They will enter their second year, which focuses on growing in leadership, and should go on a short-term mission trip. They are also getting married on 19 July in Kent

Give thanks:
  • For all that they have learnt this year
  • That they are able to get married amidst lockdown restrictions 
Please pray:
  • For financial provision for next year
  • For grace in their first year of marriage 
Support and/or pray for Bella, Samuel and Tyler: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters

Update from The Santos Family

maschersBernie and Celia live in Naivasha, Kenya with their teenage children, Abbie and Theon, who are at boarding school during term time. They manage a teaching facility, Helping Hands, which offers vocational training courses such as weaving, and a leadership/theological diploma to church leaders. They also run Little Hands School which integrates children with physical disabilities and other special needs.
Life in the Mascher family was dominated last month by Theon becoming unwell and going into hospital for two weeks. He developed a severe headache, vomiting and paralysis in his left eye. Doctors in two hospitals, and their colleagues in America, were puzzled by what was causing his symptoms. Theon is now taking steroids and is gradually getting better although the eye remains paralysed. Abbie is now in her last week of school and will not experience the usual graduation send off. She has been accepted to study music at the University of Alberta (Canada) and the first term will be online. Theon’s school will also be online again next term. As with so many, the family faces a lot of uncertainty - Bernie and Celia would like to settle Abbie into life in Canada but flights are too expensive right now.
Give thanks:

  • That Theon is feeling better
  • That Abbie is working hard and finishing school well
  • For the family’s treasured time together despite all the challenges 

Please pray:

  • For Helping Hands – the school is closed and they don’t know when the children will return
  • For wisdom regarding taking Abbie to Canada; that God would be her comfort and strength in this time of transition and loss as she says goodbye to her friends online
  • For a sense of peace and perspective that God has their lives in His hands; that their faith would deepen 

Support and/or pray for Bernie and Celia: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters
Friday 17 July

Update from The Santos Family

santosPedro & Annu Santos work with CMJ (The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People) in Tel Aviv, Israel. They run a busy and demanding guest house called Beit Immanuel, which reaches out to the local Jewish and Arab people. They also have responsibility for three congregations that meet there. Annu is developing a counselling ministry. They have two sons, Daniel and Yonatan.  

This season has been a difficult season financially for Beit Immanuel as it has not been able to accept guests until very recently due to the COVID-19 situation. All of their paid workers are on unpaid leave (common in Israel at this time) apart from one, who would struggle to feed his family. Ten volunteers from different parts of the world have decided to stay to support over lockdown with various tasks around the site. They have had to do their best to save and feed the volunteers much more simply etc. As Israel’s lockdown has eased, they have been permitted to start receiving Israeli groups at Beit Immanuel, giving them the opportunity to share the gospel with them. Meanwhile, their son Daniel continues to serve as a medic in Israel and has stayed well so far. Their other son, Yonatan is soon to finish his mandatory military service in Finland and plans to start university in Scotland in September/October. Pedro sends his love to everyone!

Give thanks: 

  • For the ease in lockdown
  • For the opportunities to share the gospel with visiting groups
  • For the work of the volunteers over lockdown

Please pray:

  • For financial provision to continue paying the remaining paid worker
  • For peace and rest for Pedro, as well as God’s wisdom and insight as to how to move forward with Beit Immanuel over the next few months in a difficult financial climate
  • For open hearts to the gospel amongst the Israeli groups visiting Beit Immanuel

Support and/or pray for Pedro and Annu: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters

Friday 3 July

Update from Richard Harvey

Richard HRichard works with Jews for Jesus. He writes and teaches on what it means to be Jewish and believe in Jesus. His work involves writing, research, teaching, training, mentoring, academic work and evangelism. 
Richard has been under lockdown at home and is using this time to increase his time of prayer and reflection, learning to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). It has also meant more output in writing and teaching, even though his travel plans have been put on hold. He has his own YouTube channel "Jew in the Pew" where he is posting varied teaching, reflection and interviews with others.
Give thanks:

  • For the UK team at Jews for Jesus who are cultivating good friendships in their local communities
  • For the ‘Beyond Schmooze’ gathering in March where the Jews for Jesus’ European Director spoke about what it means to be God’s chosen people
  • That their social media presence continues to grow 

Please pray:

  • For Jewish communities in our cities and for the advancement of the gospel in them
  • Against the rise of anti-Semitism
  • For Richard to hear God’s voice of guidance and wisdom at this time

Update from Roger and Shireen West

the westsRoger and Shireen are evangelists who live in Kenya and travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to hold open air campaigns in unreached areas and teach pastors and leaders. They have two adult sons, Tim and Josh.
There are no flights in or out of Kenya at the moment due to COVID-19. This meant that a three-week trip to England has turned into a three-month stay for Shireen, while Roger remains in Kenya. With only 74 recorded deaths from COVID-19, Kenya’s situation is better than the UK’s. However in Congo they are also battling new outbreaks of Ebola and measles, as well as fresh waves of insecurity in the north east of the country.
Give thanks:

  • For Shireen’s son and daughter in law looking after her
  • That Shireen has been able to spend so much time watching her grandchildren grow up
  • That Roger is well and spending his extra time in prayer and study

Please pray:

  • For the doors to open for Shireen to return to Kenya to be with Roger
  • For the situations in Kenya and Congo
  • For wisdom of how to proceed in the months ahead

Support and/or pray for Roger and Shireen / Richard: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters

Update from Chris and Hannah Scutt

ScuttsChris and Hannah are based in Malawi with YWAM. Chris helped to set up a local school (Thanthwe School) and is involved in various education projects in Malawi, working with the Government on emergency education, as well as in the Educating for Life Teacher Training Programme (in Malawi and other East African Nations). He serves on the YWAM base through hosting visitors and teams, as well as being on the Trust Eldership. Additionally, he teaches their two oldest children, Caleb (8) and Lily (5). Hannah supports women with their pregnancies and during birth, as well as cares for Caleb, Lily and Josiah (2 months). Hannah and Chris are both involved in the leadership of Livingstones Church. 
After their UK visit, the Scutts returned to Malawi and the world changed overnight! Chris managed to go and do a week of training Christian teachers in Uganda before COVID happened and the borders closed. Their base went into lockdown and a lot of ministry had to stop or go online. For example, Chris has been training teachers online and developing an app to provide lessons for students in Malawi. On 20 April, their second son Josiah was born. He was born safely at home and Hannah had an incredibly quick labour compared to past experiences. Caleb and Lily are doing well but struggling a little to engage in home schooling since Josiah’s arrival. Lockdown at the base is now being lifted to allow ministry to take place. They were told on Wednesday that their permanent residence permit has been rejected with no reason, so they need to appeal.
Give thanks:

  • For the safe arrival of Josiah
  • For the opportunity to influence the sphere of education and government through the Blantyre Rural COVID-19 Education Committee
  • Because of COIVD-19, they cannot be forced to leave Malawi during the appeal process 

Please pray:

  • For the permit decision to be successfully appealed in the correct way so they can be secure in their status in Malawi
  • For wisdom and provision for the projects, working with the Government and having balance
  • For continued peace and joy for the family and sleep for Hannah; for the children to stay settled and be able to engage with their home schooling even through some of their main friends living on the base are about to leave 

Support and/or pray for Chris and Hannah: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters
Friday 19 June

Update from Jo Jowett

Jo JowerrJo Jowett lives in Birmingham with her husband, Mark, and works for Global Connections, an organisation that promotes and facilitates mission in the UK and overseas. Jo and Global Connections fulfil a vital role in resourcing mission around the world. Jo and Mark are also involved in City Pastors in Birmingham.
Since all the major Christian events were cancelled and much of her work on the road stopped, her normal work completely dropped off. The Global Connections team have delivered online versions of what they would normally do including a three-hour online retreat for mission workers who have had to return suddenly from their countries of service due to the current crisis. From May 22, Jo was furloughed from her work with Global Connections. She is going to use this as an opportunity for a sabbatical.
Give thanks:

  • For every day of good health, strength and God’s provision in so many ways during this challenging time, not least in providing ongoing work for Mark
  • For God’s help, strength and wisdom over the first 10 weeks of navigating the crisis and reinventing much of Global Connections’ work
  • For an opportunity now for a different pace and to do some things she otherwise wouldn’t be able to do 

Please pray:

  • For the remaining few people on the GC team, that they will have wisdom in knowing what to prioritise and in ongoing decision making in what is a challenging time for the charitable sector, and Christian ministries in particular
  • That Jo will use this opportunity on furlough for rest and reflection; that God would show her how to spend her time productively and meaningfully
  • For continued good health for family, especially Jo’s parents who cant get out easily, and for those who are key workers 

Support and/or pray for Jo: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support her or receive her prayer letters
Friday 12 June

Update from John and Suzi Peachey

peacheysJohn and Suzi Peachey are serving with Youth with A Mission (YWAM) in Harpenden. They teach and mentor younger missionary leaders, and help facilitate the group of senior leaders caring for YWAM teams in England. They also lead the ministry of Orphans Know More which is strengthening Ugandan families who have adopted orphans. Their four young adult children are Seth, Joel, Naomi and Lily.
Orphans Know More was able to distribute emergency food to families in Uganda. There were many grateful responses such as, “I told my kids that we will start taking a cup of porridge twice a day, and here God has answered with food”
Give thanks:

  • John successfully defended his PhD thesis through the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, and Middlesex awarded his doctorate
  • For the help Orphans Know More is able to provide
  • All four children have been home during lockdown and are all well 

Please pray:

  • For flexibility, resilience and innovation as they train missionary leaders around the world, now online during lockdown
  • For John and Suzi leading the Masters in Christian Formation and Discipleship with 28 leaders around the world, and planning the YWAM Europe Leadership Training School for 120 leaders
  • For responsive hearts, discernment and clarity from the Holy Spirit in what to prune and what opportunities to say ‘yes’ to in this new season 

Support and/or pray for John and Suzi: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters

Update from Abi, Pipe and Chloe Figueroa

figueroasAbi and Pipe work in Colombia as the leaders of the Latin Link team, facilitating short term mission opportunities (up to 2 years) for Colombians and receiving British and European volunteers to work alongside the Colombian Church. They are the youth pastors of their local church in Bogotá and are leaders of “Nations Network”, a mission ministry running in their church to train up and support Colombian missionaries.
Pipe is currently working with a family of four from England and a girl from Switzerland that decided to stay in the country after most volunteers evacuated. Abi and Pipe are still having online meetings with the youth of their local church three times a week and starting a series of live interviews with them. They are also expecting their second child! The baby is growing safely, and they want to be able to return to England for the birth.

Give thanks:

  • For God’s gift: the new baby
  • For God opening doors which enabled their volunteers to return home
  • For different means of communication with friends, family and ministry 

Please pray:

  • For a way back to the UK for the baby’s birth, despite current obstacles
  • For creativity and different options to keep developing the youth ministry in a virtual environment
  • For the long and short-term volunteers staying in Colombia, for their protection and for ways to develop their ministries in quarantine conditions

Tom Stubbings

Tom StubbingsTom recently returned home from Perth, Australia, where he served for five years with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). He led the Performing Arts Discipleship Training School (PADTS) and the First Fruit Productions (FFP) ministry. The school involved three months of training and a three-month outreach in varying countries. The ministry ran throughout the year and was committed to reaching the unreached with the Gospel through the performing arts.
After finishing leading his fourth and final Performing Arts DTS early due to COVID-19, Tom has had to move back to the UK sooner than expected. God was incredibly faithful in helping his team in Perth transition and adjust, even though they couldn’t go on outreach in Egypt and Western Australia as planned. For now, Tom will be resting and discerning where God is leading him next, which will probably involve using his creativity to share the gospel in the UK in some way. He is excited for what God has in store.
Give thanks:
  • That the students saw lots of amazing transformation throughout the school
  • For the fantastic projects the school worked on, including a music video
  • For the much-needed rest that Tom’s body, mind and emotions are now getting 

Please pray:
  • For Tom to be refreshed in this season of rest, ready for the next one
  • For grace for the students that chose to remain in Perth
  • For the ministry that God has in store for Tom; that the Lord would speak with great clarity and that Tom would wait and trust in His timing

Support and/or pray for the Figueroa's/Tom: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters
Friday 29 May

Update from Ann-Marie Wilson

Ann-Marie 2018Ann-Marie is the founding Executive Director of the charity 28 Too Many which has the ambitious goal of reducing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by 10% in 10 countries in 10 years.

The 28TooMany team and global partners have all been affected in different ways by COVID-19. During this challenging time, Ann-Marie is ‘shielding’. As an extrovert and an activist this is a trial in itself, but she is thankful for the support of friends, church and community to keep her connected and cared for whilst at home. Her work continues as the protection of vulnerable women and girls comes even more into focus as they fall out of the protection of schools and support systems – reports of all abuse, including FGM, increase alarmingly by more than 50%. Ann-Marie worked with Press Red on a series of resources on gender-based violence entitled Turn The Silence Off. She features alongside Mama Sylla, a 28TM trustee and FGM survivor and activist, in a moving film about FGM, which you can view online at www.pressred.org/resources.

Give thanks:

  • For her recovery from chicken pox
  • For sharing faith with volunteers in the community who have been delivering food and shopping
  • For being able to share faith with two friends during this season of uncertainty

Please pray:

  • For her health challenges including vision loss and upcoming medical tests such as an eye investigation at Moorfields Eye Hospital which has had to be deferred due to COVID-19
  • For funding for 28TooMany to be able to continue its work beyond April 2021 in this difficult season of economic challenges
  • For the team as they continue to work virtually and to find their feet when things start to return to normal

Support and/or pray for the Figueroa's/Tom: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters
Friday 29 May

the graysUpdate from Malcom and Kerstin Gray

Malcolm, Kerstin and their daughter Amy moved to the UK in April 2018, after having spent more than 15 years working with the mission organisation WEC International (Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ) in Thailand. They are now living in Coventry, close to the WEC UK headquarters and are Directors of WEC UK & Ireland.
Kerstin has now completed nine weeks of her 18-week chemo course and is starting a new cocktail of drugs with new side effects and increased pain. She will have to go the hospital twice a week during the peak of Covid-19. The chemo has crippled Kerstin’s immunity so any venture outside the house is very risky. Malcolm has made a good recovery from his surgery and no longer needs to take medication, which is great. Amy is at home struggling to motivate herself to study for exams she will not have to sit. She has been offered a place at a private school in Coventry with both a bursary grant and an academic scholarship!
Give thanks:

  • For God’s presence with them in the past few weeks
  • For Amy’s school placement
  • For Malcolm’s successful recovery from his surgery 

Please pray:

  • For protection in the coming weeks of chemo
  • For God’s peace to reduce their anxiety around Covid-19
  • For the world, especially the unreached that have never heard the Good News, during this anxious time
Friday 15 May

Landrums 2018Update from Mark and Rahel Landrum

Mark and Rahel are currently based in Sydney, Australia, working with Christian Witness to Israel where they enjoy ministering the truth and love of Jesus with Jewish people. They do this through personal visits with Jewish people, going on the streets with Gospel tracts, teaching group Bible studies, and teaching in churches about the Jewish roots of the faith.
Unfortunately, due to self-isolation, Mark and Rahel had a very small Passover celebration this year (just the two of them). They are also using the current situation to expand their borders - they are meeting with people in Israel, America and the UK over the phone, Zoom and WhatsApp to connect.
Give thanks:
  • That they are safe and healthy as they continue sharing the Gospel
  • For the new skills they have learnt to enable them to preach online
  • For expanding their borders to be in touch with Jewish people online in other countries 
Please pray:
  • That they continue to faithfully reach out to the unsaved people the Lord has entrusted them with
  • That they would be able to reach out to more new Jewish people with the Gospel
  • That they would be able to raise the support they need to continue their ministry
Friday 8 May 2020


Update from Fiona Sorbala

Fiona Sorbala works with Chosen People Ministries and is one of the leaders of a Messianic Congregation in North West London. She travels regularly to Latvia and the Baltics to evangelise and disciple Jewish people, as well as speaking internationally.

The NHS have informed me that I am in the category to be self-isolated for 12 weeks. I also learned recently that I am to be furloughed, and will be unable to continue my work in the Messianic Congregation that I have been seeking to nurture and make ready for the harvest of Jewish souls that we are believing for. Initially it will be for 3 weeks but likely for between 6-9 weeks. The congregation will be looked after by the leadership team during this time. I will be looking for opportunities to volunteer by phone in the Jewish community and for the possibility of starting a virtual Bible study in my local church. 

Give thanks:

  • For a wonderful Passover, including a live virtual service for the congregation
  • That the congregation will be starting a virtual Messianic foundations course on Shabbat
  • For Fiona’s continuing good health

Please pray:

  • For opportunities to volunteer by phone in the Jewish community
  • For the possibility of starting a virtual Bible study in Fiona’s local church
  • For protection, spiritual growth and faith for the Jewish believers in Latvia – that they would have a testimony of the hope that is within them
  • For protection for her and her husband Marius from COVID-19

Support and/or pray for Fiona: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer updates
Friday 1 May 2020

Bella BBUpdate from Bella Barnum-Bobb & Dara Peart

Bella is in her second year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. Her short-term trip to India was cancelled due to current circumstances but she was able to go to Brazil with Bethel before the travel restrictions started to be put in place. The Lord gave her boldness and opportunities to step out, be vulnerable and share the power of redemption through her story! She is continuing at Bethel in Redding California online.

ywam perthDara Peart went to Perth, Australia in January to do a YWAM Performing Arts Discipleship Training School (PADTS) led by St Bs Mission Associate Tom Stubbings. After the outreach phase in Egypt and South Australia was cancelled, Dara decided to stay on in Perth for 3 months to the complete the Certificate III in Active Volunteering. She has chosen to join a staff ministry called Appropriate Technology which focuses on developing technological solutions to challenges faced in developing countries that can also be maintained by that community; an example being water filters.

Please pray for Bella and Dara:
  • To know God’s protection and presence in the current situation
  • To hear the Lord’s voice and guidance as they continue at Bethel/YWAM

Support/pray for Bella/Dara: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer updates
Friday 24 April 2020


Update from Kerry Stillman

Kerry works in Cameroon as part of a church-planting team working among people who are traditionally Muslim.

Kerry and her team mates were able to get places on the repatriation flights out of Cameroon recently, and all came back safe and well. Meanwhile, a Cameroonian team of ten continue to follow up on new contacts who want to read the Bible and hear more about Jesus. Kerry and her team will continue to encourage and mentor them from afar. In Cameroon, so many depend on daily work and wages to feed their families, and the medical services are often inadequate, which is worrying in these uncertain times.


  • That Kerry and her team remain well and were able to get places on the repatriation flights
  • For the Cameroonian believers who are following up on new contacts
  • That the hospital ministry continues to go well under the new leadership

Please Pray:

  • That God’s love and mercy will prevent the virus pandemic from destroying lives in Cameroon
  • That many will turn to Jesus who is the Prince of Peace, especially as Ramadan approaches again
  • That Kerry and her team will know how to encourage and mentor the Cameroonian believers they are working with from a distance

Support and/or pray for Kerry: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support her or receive her prayer letters
Friday 17 April

Mark and Sian PhotoUpdate from Mark and Sian Stubbings

Mark and Sian Stubbings have been doing a YWAM, Crossroads DTS in Hawaii. It was supposed to include a two-month outreach in Brazil, but due to the current situation, it has been changed to a “home-reach” in the UK. Over the next 2-3 months, they plan to reach out to the 60 families on their road with offers of help and community building, as well as leading a Life Group at St Bs.

Give thanks:
  • For the opportunity to learn, grow and go deeper with God during the first part of their DTS
Please pray:
  • For energy and compassion
  • That they will be received well in their community
Friday 3 April 2020

kara baahUpdate from Kara Baah

Kara Baah finished training at All Nations Christian College in Hertfordshire a couple of weeks ago in order to prepare to serve God overseas in Ghana in the next season. She is now seeking temporary work as a physiotherapist whilst she finalises her preparations for an initial two year placement from July or later, depending on the situation.

Give thanks:
  • For the way God has been guiding Kara so far
Please pray:
  • For good preparation and financial provision for her Ghana placement
  • For Kara to hear God’s voice in her decisions regarding timing and how to get involved once she is there
Friday 3 April 2020


Mascher 2020

Update from the Maschers:

The COVID19 situation is dominating the news and affecting all of us at the moment. We pray for all of you in the UK as you pray for us.
Abbie and Theon's school decided to close early so that the kids (whose parents work in various parts of Africa) would not get stuck in Kenya if things escalated – and then they did. A couple of days later a case of the virus was discovered here in Kenya and then two more. The President announced that all schools would close from Monday this week. We’ve now closed down our school until further notice. It’s an unsettling time.

The situation has impacted Abbie the most in our family. A school trip was cancelled. It’s also her final year of school so we’re not even sure if she’ll be able to graduate in July. We told her to say goodbye to her friends now just in case school doesn't open next term.
We’re grateful that we had a great visit with family from Canada who left before the virus situation really started to hit. We also have enough toilet paper in the shops at the moment.

Please pray:

  • For containment of the virus in Kenya, and for all to know God’s peace in this time
  • For protection for the kids, families, students and staff connected to Helping Hands and Little Hands School
  • For Abbie – that she will be able to graduate and transition well into her gap year, despite the unsettling ending to school
  • Support Bernie and Celia: Email clairefranks@stbarnabas.co.uk to find out how you can support them or receive their prayer letters
Friday 27 March