Long Term Mission

Long-term mission is when a person, couple or family has followed the call to ‘go’ and live and work among a people group, help them in practical ways, and tell them about Jesus’ love. Long term mission is considered to last for a minimum of 2 years, but World Mission Support partners will often make a commitment to stay for much longer than this.

Living and working in a foreign country is hard work, and has many personal, emotional, practical, and financial implications, so mission partners will need expert support from a sending agency.Mission partners may provide humanitarian aid, help with the development in a particular country or area, and sometimes our long-term mission partners will also work in regular jobs such as teaching or nursing to gain access to a particular country.

Long-term mission partners at St Barnabas are known as ‘overseas members’ as they are very much part of the church. St Barnabas’ overseas members are in just about every continent of the world, doing all kinds of wonderful and exciting work!

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